Frequently asked questions and answers to help when your looking to hire a bouncy castle, we are sure you will find everything you need to know before going ahead and booking your bouncy castle.


Our office hours are 9am-7pm, 7days a week
You can book using our simple booking system on our website (24/7) or give our friendly team a call on 07764 617 660.
Don't panic, We will call you a couple of days before your party or event to confirm delivery times.
Yes of course. Our friendly, fully trained and insured staff will go out of their way to help you have the best party ever.
This depends on the Bouncy Castle or Inflatable you decide to hire (usually 3ft extra space at the front and back and 1ft either side is enough space). Click here for required space. We would be happy to discuss the requirements at any time or if need be we will be happy to come out and check which inflatable will fit, You can view the dimensions of all our Bouncy Castles and Inflatables on our website.
Yes all our inflatables are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, some of our bouncy castles even come with shower covers to protect you from the elements.
We ask that you ensure we have a 3ft wide access to the site, 4ft for our larger castles. Please ensure the area is free from any sharp objects and excessive mud. An electricity point is required within 40 m. We will be forced to refuse bookings for sites that are unsuitable for bouncy castles e.g. sloping, uneven or dirty gardens. (If this is the case please call us before booking so we can come out and assess your garden to see if it is safe to hire a Bouncy Castle).
Yes you can, we can supply a petrol blower or generator at an extra cost (please call our friendly team to discuss your requirements)
We always carry extra extension leads on our van, but it's always best to add in the notes when booking (long garden extra leads needed).
NO, Sadly to a change in our insurance policy we can no longer hire our bouncy castles for outdoor on hard surfaces, Sorry for any inconvenience.
That's up to you, but if you do please cut it a few days before the hire. As wet grass on Bouncy Castles is really hard to remove.
We use ground sheets on all Bouncy Castles, So all it will do is flatten your grass for a few days, and the holes for anchor pegs should disappear in no time.
No problem, our smaller castles are fine to go through your house, but larger castles we need at least 3 - 4ft required space such as a side or back gate. (you may need help to assist the delivery driver holding doors open lifting up a step etc) please note, As we have to bring the bouncy castle through your house we use a sack barrow and there might be trails of mud, grass or leaves and water if it rains left on your carpet or floor. Please bear this in mind before booking.
Don't panic, All our Bouncy Castle are anchored down and everything is waterproof, and all our outdoor bouncy castles have shower covers and are safe to use it moderate winds and light showers. (If conditions worsen please switch of the bouncy castle and stop using the equipment, and call us so we can advise you on what to do).
Strictly No. Do not ever re-position the Bouncy Castle or Inflatable.
Sorry strictly No Adults are allowed to use the Bouncy Castle unless it's specifically hired for adult use only ( eg Adult bouncy castle)
Between 6 and 8 children of the same age and size, Depending on which Bouncy Castle you decide to hire.
We deliver from 9 am and our last collection is 7 pm, if you wanted your bouncy castle for longer you can pay £10 extra for overnight and we will arrange to collect the next day.